The Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals is one of the oldest pioneer animal healthcare institutes in the country. It had a modest beginning as "MYSORE SERUM INSTITUTE" founded in the year 1926 by the erstwhile Maharajas of Mysore. Originally it was located near the race course area situated in the midst of the city and later it was shifted to the present location at Hebbal for large scale production of Rinderpest hyperimmune serum for the control of Rinderpest disease of cattle in the state on 9.10.1928. Subsequently, the institute expanded its activities to include production of bacterial disease vaccines and followed by the establishment of disease investigation section in 1932 thereby creating full fledged facilities to provide coverage to the livestock population of the state. A comprehensive research wing was created in 1935 housed in a seperate building during 1940. The production of Antirabies vaccine and Anthrax spore saponine vaccine were initiated about the same time. The production of Goat Tissue adopted Rinderpest vaccine marked a major achievement in 1943. Later Institute contributed to a greater extent in eradication Rinderpest by supplying the Tissue Culture Rinder Pest Vaccine (TCRPV). The institute became a scientific society in 1978 to give broader perspective and autonomous status to organise and manage its diversified activities of production of biologicals and diagnostic services through a network of units in the state. This is the only state in the country to have taken this progressive step. Formation into a scientific society with its Governing body has facilitated the institute to undertake prompt decisions on important policy matters for speedy implementation. The Institute maintains a close liaison with the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Govt. of Karnataka in providing animal health care by supplying vaccines and disease diagnostic services. The institute also has close rapport and collaboration with many of the scientific organisations and teaching institutions of the state and the country. Now the Institute has been included as one of the organisation under Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU) with continued mandates of the Institute.      

  • Large-scale production of various biologicals for prophylaxis of animal diseases and diagnostic agents used in diagnosis of various livestock and poultry diseases.
  • To provide prompt and effective diagnostic services for identification of disease problems with an aim to eradicate them.
  • To introduce newer techniques in the development of cost effective and efficient biologicals and diagnostic aids.
  • To undertake in depth study on animal disease epidemiology with emphasis on rural economy and cost benefits.
  • Training of Scientific and technical personnel in the recent advances in the technology of biological production and disease & diagnosis and also to impart knowledge to the farmers    in raising healthy animals and poultry.




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